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Whether you are thinking of hiring a new concrete contractor for your residential or retail driveway, stamped and decorative concrete, or other essential concrete work, you should know what to inquire before initiating the contract. If you skip these essential questions to ask the residential or commercial concrete contractors, you may add unnecessary risk to your project. These questions will ensure that your project will be completed on time and u budget, whether it’s a driveway or a general concrete project.

As a customer, you first need to know what your objectives are for your concrete project. You have to think about your ideas or project requirements before initiating the process. If you don’t clear idea for your outcome, it can be difficult for a contractor to meet your expectations.

While discussing goals, you need to ask your contractors some questions that will assist your selection process and help you stay worry free!

Are you an insured contractor?

The first thing that you should ask your contractor is whether they’re insured contractors or not; if yes, then ask for a certificate of insurance. If they say they don’t have it, then you should look for other contractors who has a certificate of insurance. An insured contractor will reduce the risk to you of injury on your property or mistakes in the work performed.

What warranties are you providing for work?

Some contractors may appear to be great at their craft, but time will shows the truth regarding the quality of their work that they have performed. Most contractors will guarantee their work and will give some written warranty.

What is your previous experience with similar projects?

Contractors should provide photos of their previous work. If there is no proof of prior experience, you should consider a different contractor.  A contractor should have extensive experience in their field.

What is the expected deadline for this project?

You need to understand when the contractor will start and end the work on your project. You have to set an agreed upon deadline and an expectation of how long it will take to complete the project. To better understand their workload and their ability to complete the project, you can ask questions like “how many projects do you currently have?” or “how many crews do you have?”.

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    What is your payment schedule or draw plan?

    If you have decided which contractor will perform the work on your property, this will be one of the next questions that you should ask. The payment schedule is vital for the customer and the contractor. You should know about the contractor’s estimate regarding the amount of money needed to accomplish a project. It’s imperative to discuss this with the contractor. You should not pay the total amount up-front. There should be milestone payments.

    Who will be driving the project?

    It is essential to ask your contractor who will be handling the project and who you can expect to see on your property throughout the project. A professional and well-organized contractor should be able to answer this quickly. You will need to understand who is in charge thoroughly and who to reach out to if you need anything urgent comes up.

    You may have more queries or concerns depending upon your work unique needs that you should also ask your contractor.

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