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Reasons to Choose a Concrete Parking Lot for Your Business in Houston

Reasons to Choose a Concrete Parking Lot for Your Business in Houston

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Your parking lot is an extension of your business, which means you want it to look clean and well-maintained. It’s especially important if you’re in Houston’s food or retail industry because you want your customers to know that your business is clean and trustworthy before they even come inside! Fortunately, a concrete parking lot will give your customers exactly what they need to know, that you care about your business and its appearance and your customers’ safety while visiting your business and their vehicles while leaving it.

Concrete has become the material of choice in many parking lots, both because it’s durable and looks great. There are plenty of reasons to pave your business’s parking lot with concrete, as this material is well-suited to many weather conditions and will stand up to the abuse that parking lot traffic puts on it every day. Whether you’re starting a new business or thinking about improving the parking lot of your existing one, concrete may be the best solution.

Here are five reasons why you should consider concrete for your business parking lot or other commercial properties in Houston:

Because concrete parking lots last longer

If you’re looking for a parking lot that will last, concrete may be your best bet. Asphalt has been known to shift and crack, which can cause vehicle damage and accidents. Because of its durability, concrete tends to hold up better over time, saving you money in terms of upkeep. For example, you could spend $2 per square foot on asphalt but $4per square foot on concrete; however, that higher upfront cost could save over time because you won’t have to repair or replace cracked or uneven asphalt as often. The maintenance of concreate parking lots are almost none.

Because concrete doesn’t get muddy during rain storms

You don’t want your parking lot to turn into a swamp after rain storms. By choosing concrete as your parking lot material, you will never have to worry about mud-covered cars at your business. Rather than having water sit on top of your lot and making people slip and fall, you can keep your concrete parking lot safe by adding drainage. Then, when it rains, you won’t have to worry about mud puddles forming or making people slip while they walk into your business. Moreover, high-quality concrete can also improve your property’s aesthetics to keep your customers safe from slipping and falling.

Because it looks more professional

You would like to give off an impression of professionalism, even if your business is small and just starting. Paving over a dirt parking lot with concrete can add that professional feel you need. Many businesses do it, too, so you can fit right in with other businesses that have paved lots. With a nice, uniform concrete surface poured over compacted dirt, you can make sure your parking lot looks polished and well-maintained—like it’s always ready for business no matter what time of day or night it is. However, most people continue choosing concrete because it offers more versatility in design and durability.

Because you can do landscaping around concrete

While a parking lot is an indispensable and functional element of most businesses, it doesn’t have to be unattractive. If you choose a concrete lot, you can add colorful planters and live greenery throughout your lot, creating a lush and visually appealing business environment. You will want your concrete lot to be well landscaped so that it does not look like just a slab of concrete with no care or attention. Instead, you will want your parking lot to be an extension of your property and is planned out as such. It’s hard to keep employees enthusiastic about their workplace when they sit down at their desks every day and see an ugly asphalt parking lot. Instead, make them proud of where they work with attractive landscaping around your business!

Because concrete is eco-friendly

The best part about concrete is its eco-friendliness. It is low impact and 100% recyclable. Concrete is naturally porous, meaning that it has air pockets within its structure. Because of these air pockets, concrete parking lots don’t require as much sealant—which means they breathe! Concrete isn’t just an alternative to asphalt; it may be better for the environment because of its natural carbon dioxide-absorbing abilities. Over time, these carbon dioxide-absorbing abilities even have a long-term effect on climate change by reducing global temperatures and greenhouse gases. By choosing concrete, you might contribute towards a more sustainable future and not just by reducing your carbon footprint.

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