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No other material can replace concrete for flooring because of its sturdiness, durability, and low maintenance. It is used in almost every type of building construction and is even found beneath the floor coverings. When used in its natural state, it appears as greyish in color. However, many people don’t like the grey-colored floorings and want to cover it with something nice so that it looks on good and complements the décor of your home.

On the other hand, you can also choose various concrete floor finishes and treatments that residential concrete contractors near me provide. These finishes and treatments not only enhance the appearance but also provide better resistance against water and offer easy-to-clean layers.

Here we have enlisted 5 most famous types of concrete floors that the residential concrete contractors Houston offers to make your home look stylish:

acid floor

Acid Stain Concrete Floors

The method of staining the concrete floors gives a mottled appearance to the floor, which actually looks good and helps to hide away the dirt. For achieving such a look, the residential concrete contractors near me use many methods available. However, one of the widely used is acid staining. Mostly hydrochloric and phosphoric acid is used in staining the concrete flooring. The salts and acid induce a chemical process that discolors the surface of the floor by opening the pores in the concrete. You’ll get an interesting floor design, giving a three-dimensional look.

Stained Concrete Floors with Faux Grout Lines

Such a type of flooring sometimes looks like marble flooring with the same coloring. The residential concrete contractors near me can simulate rough edges on your concrete to make it look like a tile floor. Immediately following the dyeing procedure, the concrete was carved to create the rough edges on the floor. These lines were made using a simple grid layout to imitate large tiles. But you may also build more intricate designs by scratching the surface of a concrete floor. For concrete floors, there are many different kinds of stencils and stamps that may be used to create a design that matches your aesthetic and room.

Stained Floors with Polishing

With increasingly finer abrasive pads, the surface is smoothed down to build polished concrete floors. If you use the tiniest grit of pads, you may get a surface that is incredibly high-gloss and mirror-like. As an option, you can stop the process if the polish is too much for you. The floor is then treated, giving it a long-lasting sheen. Hire Pris Concrete, one of the top residential concrete contractors Houston, rather than giving this job to an inexperienced contractor if you want high-quality work done.

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    Dyed Concrete Floors

    Concrete flooring may also be dyed to a color of your choosing. In such a design, a thick, water-based brown paint has been applied to the concrete floor. The result is a uniform, deep, matte finish over the whole floor. Contrary to acid discoloration, the dye never reacts chemically with the concrete. It just penetrates the surface to provide other colors. Thus, the results are far more reliable than they would be with acid staining. Furthermore, you may ask the residential concrete contractors near me for a specific hue. This creates contrast and softens the impression of the space.

    Epoxy Painted Concrete Floors

    The most resilient concrete finish that aids in leveling the surface is epoxy. But epoxy is also offered in a range of colors, enabling you to customize your floor with distinctive patterns and colors, even if it is made of concrete. Floor epoxy is simply a type of paint that requires mixing two components prior to application: a liquid catalyst as well as a liquid hardener. The most challenging step is often laying out the pattern, which only PRIS Concrete, residential concrete contractors Houston, can do.

    Final Thoughts

    To conclude, there are many concrete floor designs and finishing that enhance the look of your home. You can create a vibrant modern design or a traditional concrete look that complements the look of your home.


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