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Stamped Concrete

A patio made of stamped concrete provides an appearance that strongly matches expensive paving components like bricks, slate, or granite. Owing to its customization options, stamping concrete surpasses similar substances in terms of toughness, cost, and versatility.

In comparison to other pavement materials, stamped concrete generally needs minimal upkeep. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect your patio’s attractiveness and stop early deterioration, like breaking or browning. Your stamped concrete patio needs to be maintained in four steps by the professional and highly proficient stamped concrete contractors in Houston.



The final stage of installing your stamped concrete patio is sealing. The sealant shields against moisture, abrasive sunrays, and other elements of the outdoors. Additionally, it adds sparkle and gives the colors a fuller appearance. The patio needs to be rewrapped because the sealer doesn’t last permanently.
Don’t seal up your patio excessively frequently. The numerous layers of covering ultimately turn an unsightly shade of yellow if left to start building, so it won’t require it for a minimum of a year and a half. Resealing your patio every two and three years is suggested. Although, natural calamities or high pedestrian traffic may cause the varnish on your patio to begin to deteriorate down earlier than just that. In this case, disregard the scheduling and seal the container as necessary.
It’s crucial to coat the entire patio pavement thoroughly while resealing it to prevent getting caught in a nook. Instead of attempting to manage it yourself, you should contact concrete contractors in Houston TX for resealing. However, you may get your patio ready for resealing by giving the area a deep clean and trying to ensure it’s scorched.



One of the essential components of stamped concrete upkeep is routine cleaning. The cement and sealer will be well-protected if the patio is adequately cleaned and uncluttered. Employ broom to eliminate impurities like dust, grass, and branches every week or more frequently. In addition, using a leaf blower is appropriate. You must clean the patio with a standard garden hose and spraying attachments. On rare occasions, grease, bird droppings, or meal spillage can discolor your patio. To spot and remove the discoloration, use hot water and a mild cleanser, like soap solution. Use only cleaners that won’t damage the concrete, and wash the patio well afterward to prevent residue building.

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    By restricting its accessibility to the outdoors, you may extend the lifespan of your stamped concrete patio. The patio’s lifespan could be increased over several months with a pergola or canvas patio covers. Using an outside carpet as protection for your patio seems to be another option. These contrast beautifully with the stamped concrete and serve as a barrier preventing food spillage, staining, and furniture-related scrapes.

    Snow and Ice Elimination

    Conventional removal techniques can be nearly as harmful as removing snow and ice clearance because they can deplete the sealer and obliterate the patio. A plastic shovel or a snow blower is the best tool to use on stamped concrete. This can be destroyed by using a shovel or plough with a metallic edge. The sealant on your patio may be harmed by chemicals de-icers because they are acidic. These should be kept away from, especially in the first few winters following the cement installation, when the sealant is most vulnerable.
    A stamped concrete patio constructed and maintained correctly should survive for many years. Your patio will likely endure at least as long as it should, and proper maintenance might still lengthen its serviceability. Furthermore, keeping up with your patio might enable you to increase in value more consistently. If you are considering stamped concrete contractors near me across Houston, Get in touch with PRIS Concrete immediately for a stamped concrete patio quote!



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